Director, Choreographer and Acting Teacher for young performers in London, Ontario

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Ruth Noonan is the best acting teacher for young performers I ever had the pleasure of hiring. She has a unique gift for teaching craft in a way that allows for the performer to hang onto and display what makes them uniquely themselves. Ruth creates a joyous, safe, and focused learning environment. I would recommend her to any young performer without hesitation.

Marion Abbott, owner of Marion Abbott Performing Arts Studio

My son has had the pleasure of working with Ruth multiple times over the years. She is a very skilled director, who knows how to connect with youth in a way that is kind, compassionate, respectful, and engaging. She is a wonderful mentor and leads with so much heart and passion. The youth in London’s theatre community are lucky to have her.

– Debbie Jamieson
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Ruth’s compassionate and professional approach to the arts has provided our son and daughter with invaluable skills on the stage through her artistic direction and mentorship. It has also instilled invaluable skills that are transferable to everyday life such as hard work, commitment, dedication, and confidence. Ruth is respectful, passionate, compassionate, and loved by all her students. Ruth has been a blessing to both our son and daughter.

Kevin & Nancy Howe

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