I am excited to offer weekly one-on-one individualized acting coaching for youth ages 12+

© 2020 Ross Davidson
© 2020 Ross Davidson

In this time of COVID-19, the theatre world has taken a hit. For the moment, putting on big productions with big full audiences is not possible. While this is devastating, young actors can still work on their skills. This is where I come in!

As a teacher and director, my focus is to get the best out of my students in a kind, supportive way. My goal is to create a safe, welcoming, and compassionate space where young actors can thrive. Through one-on-one coaching, we can boost confidence and self-esteem, nurture creativity, while teaching discipline and focus.

Through my one-on-one coaching, I will develop a program for each child individually.  I welcome actors of all skill levels to work with me on improving and polishing their craft.

Do you want to build your monologue repertoire? Are you looking to audition for an online show, or thinking about post-secondary performing arts schools? Are you just getting into acting and don’t know where to start? Are you missing out on doing shows this year because of COVID, but you still want to work on your skills? I can help! In a group acting class or workshop, you may get 5-10 minutes of the instructor’s time, if that. With private coaching, I can devote the entire time to you and help you improve and develop as an actor. 

I am now accepting students for my Winter 2021 Session

My winter session will run for 10 weeks (January 5, 2021- March 11, 2021). 

Pricing for my one-on-one lessons are as follows:
30 minute lesson: $35
45 minute lesson: $40
1 hour lesson: $50


Or, sign up for the full winter session and save $50:

Ten 30-minute lessons: $300
Ten 45-minute lessons: $350
Ten 1 hour lessons: $450

NEW for 2021: “Scene Work Sundays”

Next year, in addition to one on one lessons, I will also be offering the opportunity for my students to be paired together so that we can work on scenes.  I wanted to create a way for my students to work together (safely of course), as I believe the benefit of working with another actor is huge.

 I will be offering 4 separate Scene Work Sundays throughout my Winter Session. Students will be put in pairs and called for 1 hour on a Sunday afternoon or evening to work on their scene with me. There will only be 2 students working on a scene with me at a time.

Scene Work Sundays will be held on:

Sunday February 7, 2021
Sunday February 21, 2021
Sunday March 7, 2021
Sunday March 21, 2021

Cost to attend all 4 Sundays: $75 

*All sessions are taught with social distancing and hand sanitizing protocols in place. The space is sanitized thoroughly before and after each student.

© 2020 Ross Davidson

I’ve known Ruth for many years now, and can attest to her remarkable wide experience, reliability and trustworthiness in working with creative youth. Ruth is a passionate advocate of encouraging and drawing out the best that each young person has to discover inside. She teaches the benefits of diligence, and the courage to persist in breaking through to new levels of awareness and achievement. I wish her continued success, and I know that she will share that with the youth under her tutelage.

– Art Fidler
"Oliver" © Ross Davidson

Ruth’s patience, dedication, and the ability to see the best in everyone made her an absolute pleasure to learn from and work with! After 8 years of working with Ruth, I can confidently say that her teachings, knowledge, and effort have made all the difference in me- not just as a performer, but as a human.

-Carly Fox, former student

Let’s start working together.